The Conflict About Creationary

Today Im playing Creationary. My brother Keegan. Keegan has red hair he has a striped shirt and jeans hes also mean to me. Please said Keegan. No said tyler your a bad builder said Keegan. NO IM NOT! I cried I don’t like playing by my self. Said Keegan. I don’t care I said I told my mom. Why cant you play with him. My mom said. Fine I said you can play with me Keegan I said. And then we played it was hard to play the game we played in the living room. The living room has a TV on a shelf it has a green couch it has a white wall. It has a brown and black coffie table. I had to guess what Keegan built it was a flash light and a street light. I built a chimney and a dinosaur. Im going to play this tomorrow .The next day… hi Keegan do you want to play Crationary? I said .no thanks said Keegan o.k I said  so I played by my self for a long time THEN… Keegan asked if he could play I said yes but he built a car and I didn’t know what it was! So he won the round but then I built a police car and he didn’t know what it was ether so I won that round then more people played with Connor. He was good at the game he built a log a police car an a huge air port and a lego house with big blocks and little blocks.



Today Mrs.Pike read Sit-in I learned…     that you shoudent be mean to people even if its black or white people.That you shoud let anyone go were they want to go.That you shoud be nice to any one.

Line Segments

We learned about line segments now I know how a line segment is driffent then a line. a line segment is dot then another dot and then grab a ruler and make sure that the ruler is touching both dots. A parllel line segment is two line segments going the sme direction so they never meat.

Fire Saftey

Today we met Ranger Doug he works at Forestry Department He told us about fire safety. I learned that forest fires can start by lightning. I also learned that the real Smokey Bear Passed away 1968. We also saw Smokey’s story I also learned that there is 700 million acres of forests. I learned that there is a wild fire that could happen in the forest Ranger Doug said this is a little quiz. After that Ranger Doug Said were going on a camp but it wasn’t he put everything that you need at your camp site. On it it said you would need a tent a fire a bucket of water a log,firewood maybe a spade. After that the picture looked like a face we went outside Mrs.Pike took our picture with Smokey Bear after that we ran two laps